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Gijang-gun, Gijang Market

Gijang-gun, located about 30 minutes by car from the center of Busan, was incorporated into Busan in 1995 and became Gijang-gun, Busan.The main tourist attractions in Gijang-gun are Yonggungsa Temple, which was built on the rocks of the sea, and there are many things to see, such as Gijang Market, where you can meet fresh and delicious seafood, and Daebyeon Port, famous Gijang Anchovy Festival.

Large shopping centers such as Lotte Premium Outlet in Dongbusan Tourist Complex and Busan Premium Outlet run by Shinsegae in Jangan-eup are located, and historically, the Japanese Fortress in Jukseong-ri, Gijang, built during the Japanese Invasion of Korea, has been designated as a cultural property.

If you head north along the coast from Yonggungsa Temple, you will find Ilgwang Beach and Imrang Beach with beautiful moonlight, and if you take a step north again, you will find Jangansa Temple with beautiful forest nature. Near the entrance of Jangansa Temple, there is a spicy fish stew street loved by gourmets, and there are Jeonggwan-eup developed as a new city, and Cheolma-myeon, where there are many meat restaurants where you can taste Korean beef cheaply.

Gijang-gun opened the Busan section of the Donghae Line, which departs from Bujeon Station near Seomyeon, Busan, in December 2016, and it takes about 34 minutes by subway from Busan, making transportation very convenient.