Original Gijang Son Kalguksu

Original Gijang Son Kalguksu (Gijang Market Main Branch)

Hello, this is Gijang Son Kalguksu located next to Gijang Market in Northeast Busan. There is also Gijang Son Kalguksu in Seomyeon, Busan, but this is the main branch in Gijang Market. Sonkalguksu refers to noodles that are hand-pulled by hand, and the shape is not pretty because it does not use a machine, but the noodles are chewy and delicious.

The original Gijang Sonkalguksu menu includes regular and spicy Sonkalguksu, and we also recommend the cool bean noodles made with ground boiled beans for summer. The beans used for the bean noodles are said to be domestic, so it seems to be safe to eat. As a side menu, there are also spicy kimchi charcoal ribs dumplings, seafood pajeon, and steamed seafood.

Busan Gijang Market can be reached in about 35 minutes by taking a train bound for Gijang Station on the Donghae Line from Bujeon Station in Seomyeon, Busan, so if you come to Gijang Market, I recommend stopping by this restaurant.

Hand-made noodles손칼국수
6,000 won
Spicy hand-made noodles매운 손칼국수
maeun sonkalguksu
8,000 won
Cold bean noodles냉콩국수
8,000 won
hand-pulled swallow손수제비
6,500 won
Perilla Seeds noodles들깨칼국수
7,000 won
Charcoal-grilled Galbi Mandusutbul galbi mandu6,000 won
Name원조기장손칼국수 기장시장본점
wonjogijangsonkalguksu gijangsijangbonjeom
Address16th 2floor, Eupnae-ro 104beon-gil, Gijang-eup, Gijang-gun, Busan
Business hours10:30-19:00(last 18:30)
Holidayevery Tuesday

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