Category - Ulsan Metropolitan City

Ulsan City, located between Busan City and Gyeongju City, faces the East Sea and is a port city with a warm climate. The center of Ulsan City is an industrial area, the surrounding area is an agricultural area, and it is one of the seven major cities in Korea, but it retains a beautiful nature. There is Hyundai Motor’s production plant in the industrial area and it boasts the best automobile production in Korea.

In addition, major Korean companies have entered the industrial complex, and it is one of the best industrial cities in Korea with Korea’s largest oil combinat along the coast.

Ulsan City, famous for its whaling area, also has tourist attractions such as Jangsaengpo Whale Museum, Eonyang Amethyst Cave Country with a natural amethyst hall, and Ganjeolgot, and Eonyang Bulgogi located in Eonyang-eup and Whale Stew, a whale meat dish.

Population: 1,150,215 people (2013)
Area ():): 1057.1
Local food: Eonyanggalbi / Whale meat
Major tourist attractions: Jangsaengpo Whale Museum / Ulsan Waeseong / Seosaengpo Waeseong / Ulsan Museum / Hyundai Motor / Hyundai Mipo Joseon

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