Nampo-dong beef tripe alley

Nampo-dong beef tripe alley

Grilled lamb intestines in Nampo-dong, which smells sweet and chewy.

The savory smell of grilling lamb intestines rises in the people sitting in a circle while talking to each other. The sound of cheers when a glass hits a briquette fire, regardless of the gas! The feeling of cold soju riding down the esophagus as if burning in a suffocating chest. The lamb tripe side dish, which is chewy on a briquette fire, melts gently in the mouth.

The fragrant smell and sweet, chewy, and soft texture remain in your mouth for a long time.

Grilled lamb intestines with a light taste is perfect for soju, but it is one of the best snacks for soju. 20,000 won per plate (two servings) is never cheap, but it is a favorite food for everyone of all ages. As a side dish for protecting the stomach and intestines, there is a famous beef tripe alley in Nampo-dong, which is rich in vitamins and minerals among the public.

There are about 21 restaurants specializing in lamb intestines that are sparsely located between Jagalchi Market and the alley behind Nonghyup Agricultural Department Store. Most of the centers sell three or four stores together under one roof, and in fact, more than 40 grilled beef tripe corners are concentrated here.

There are also old restaurants like Baekhwa YangGopchang, but most of them have continued to increase in the past three to four years. Baekhwa Yanggopchang behind Nonghyup Agricultural Products Market retains its old appearance as if it were going back in time in the brilliant neon signboards of Nampo-dong.

A table with briquettes that seems to be made as a temporary measure with tin, a long wooden chair, and a pillar standing tall between stores. Props such as antiques that can’t be obtained now even if you try to save them warm your heart and melt the cold city wind.

At first, it was a paved tent that boiled makchang jeongol, but 50 years ago, the tent was removed and the current wooden building was built. It is a place where you can feel the deep taste as much as the wrinkles of the restaurant owner who has been in place for 50 years. Han Sook-ja (58), who has been in business here for more than 20 years, said, “The first is the ingredients of Korean beef, and the second is the secret to supporting the taste of gopchang.” Daea Gopchang next to Baekhwa Gopchang also insists on briquettes.

Jeong Gu-hwi (50), who runs the second store, purchases grilled tripe every day, washes it more than six times, and stores it in an ice box. There is also a refrigerator, but it is said that it can taste good if stored in an ice box, so it is kept with dongchimi.

Lamb, which means the stomach of a cow. Grilled with salt and grilled with seasoning are the most popular. It is placed on a wire net heated with briquettes and grilled with salt, pepper, and sesame oil, and if you dip it in a sauce made of sesame oil, garlic, and salt, it tastes like melting in your mouth. The grilled seasoning, which is flavored with seasoning made of sugar, red pepper, starch syrup, and red pepper paste, is dipped in a sauce made of kelp, sugar, vinegar, and soy sauce to further boost the taste.

Stir-fried rice mixed with rice by slicing grilled lamb intestines is also a delicacy. Buchang Yanggopchang across from Shindonga Market is clean and spacious, making it a place where group guests continue to visit. This place has a special sauce taste made with ginger, garlic, soy sauce, and sugar after boiling vegetables and fruits using a lot of various ingredients.

Grilled hot pot, which is boiled with a lot of sheep, large intestine, and small intestine, is another delicacy, and the lamb is soft, the large intestine has a savory taste, and the small intestine is chewy with a bitter taste.

Basic information
 Name Nampo-dong beef tripe alley
 Address Baekhwar YangGopchang, 32, Nampo-dong 6-ga, Jung-gu, Busan.
부산시 중구 남포동6가 32 백화yanggopchang 곱창
 Telephone  051-245-0105
 Closed day It depends on the 1st and 3rd of every month, Sunday/business.
  Add and edit photos. February 15, 2013.
  A plate (300g) of grilled tripe is 25,000 won.
The price of fried rice 12,000 won varies depending on the store.

How to go : Exit 10 of Jagalchi Station on Busan Subway Line 1 and turn right at the first corner. And if you turn left or right at the first corner, you will find Nampo-dong Gopchang Alley.

※The above article is written based on the information at the time of coverage. Please note that the content may differ from the current one depending on local circumstances.

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