Namhae Seonso Japanese Fortress

Namhae Seonso Waeseong Fortress was built in November 1597 by Yasuharu Wakiita on a small hill called Yunsan Cheonnamdae overlooking Namhae-eup, Namhae-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do.

It is believed that the low hills were built in three layers and that the headquarters were built at the top of Cheonnamdae. Over the years, the South Sea dwarf castle has now been transformed into a cultivated land in the village, and the outer fortress has almost been destroyed, but the inner fortress at the top can be seen as a Japanese fortress built diagonally between the bushes.

Namhae Seonso Japanese castle
The Hill Road to the South Sea Shipyard Dwarf
Namhae Seonso Japanese castle
There is a dwarf star map near the entrance of the Waeseong in Namhae Seonso.
Namhae Seonso Japanese castle
There is a tree on a stone wall at the top of the South Sea Line Waeseong.
Namhae Seonso Japanese castle
Waeseong Used as Cultivated Land
Namhae Seonso Japanese castle
It is Seonso Village and Namhae from the top of Namhae Seonso Waeseong.
AddressSeonso-ri 163-1, Namhae-eup, Namhae-ri, Gyeongsangnam-do
慶尚南道 南海郡 南海邑 船所里163-1
경상남도 남해리 남해읍 선소리163-1
The age of constructionNovember 1597
Builder of the castleYasuharu Wakita and others

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