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Spring flowers in full bloom in Busan, Gyeongnam, and Gyeongju... Where to go for cherry blossom viewing

Flowers in the southern region have begun to bloom in earnest. With higher average temperatures and more sunshine than last year, the cherry blossoms are expected to bloom one to seven days earlier.

The Jinhae Gunhang Festival, the largest cherry blossom festival in Korea, will be held from the eve of the 22nd until the 1st of next month. Large and small events will be held at Jinhae Yeojwacheon Stream, Gyeonghwa Station, Jinhae Pagoda, and Naesu-myeon Environment and Ecology Park, offering highlights such as a military music festival, cherry blossom night, and a marine fireworks show.

Hadong, famous for its Sibiri Cherry Blossom Road, will hold a three-day Hwagae Market Cherry Blossom Festival from the 22nd. Preparations for spring cherry blossom festivals are also in full swing in other parts of Gyeongnam, including the Tongyeong Bongsutgol Flower Outing Festival (April 22-24), Yangsan Mulgeum Cherry Blossom Festival (April 30-31), and Sacheon Sunjinriseong Cherry Blossom Festival (April 30-31).

Rape blossom waves are also spreading. The Changnyeong Nakdonggang Rapeseed Festival, Gyeongnam's representative rapeseed festival, will be held next month from April 4-7. The Gijwol Courtyard Scenic Agricultural Area Spring Flower Festival in Goseong, the Cheonjusan Azalea Festival in Changwon, and the Sancheong Sincho International Sculpture Park Flower Grass Festival will also be held.

In Busan, the Yunsan Cherry Blossom Festival in Geumjeong-gu will be held on the 26th, followed by the Nakdong River 30-ri Cherry Blossom Festival (29-31) at Daejeo Ecological Park and Macdo Ecological Park in Gangseo-gu, and the Samrak Cherry Blossom Festival (29-31) at Samrak Ecological Park and Nakdong Embankment in Sasang-gu. At Hwamyeong Ecological Park, 70,000 tulips of 11 varieties that have survived the cold winter will be open to the public. The Nakdong River Management Headquarters of Busan City has created cosmos, zinnia, hydrangea, and lotus complexes in Samrak, Hwamyeong, and Daejeo Ecological Parks to provide various attractions for visitors. However, the 'Nakdong River Rape Blossom Festival,' which represents Busan, was canceled this year as it is predicted that climate change will lead to sluggish growth or death of rape blossoms.

Ulsan's Jung-gu will hold the Yaksa Cherry Blossom Festival and the beautiful Sibri Cherry Blossom Festival on the 23rd, while Dong-gu will hold the Nammok 3-dong Cherry Blossom Festival. Ulsan Buk-gu will hold a cherry blossom road tour at five local cherry blossom spots, including Onnuri Park, Hwadongmot Waterfront Park, Ochigol Park, Muryong-ro Cherry Blossom Road and Gangdong Soccer Stadium, while Ulju-gun will hold the Ulju Sachcheonjeong Cherry Blossom Festival. Ulsan's Nam-gu Mugecheon area will host the Gunggerang Cherry Blossom Hanmadang event, and Taehwagang National Garden will also hold a spring flower festival.

Gyeongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do, will also hold a cherry blossom festival. The city of Gyeongju will hold a cherry blossom festival on the Daereungwon stone wall path from the 22nd to the 24th in consideration of the cherry blossom blooming season. The existing Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Festival has been renamed the 'Gyeongju Daereungwon Stone Wall Road Cherry Blossom Festival'. The festival will feature differentiated programs such as a cherry blossom light show, cherry blossom market, cherry blossom playground, and professional street art performances.
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