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'Into the Cherry Blossom Tunnel' Nakdong River Garden Cherry Blossom Festival to be held for three days from the 29th

The Cherry Blossom Festival at Samrak Ecological Park, Busan's representative cherry blossom spot, will be renamed the Nakdong River Garden Cherry Blossom Festival and welcome new customers.

Sasang-gu, Busan, announced on March 18 that it will hold the 2024 Nakdong River Garden Cherry Blossom Festival from March 29 to 31 at the Nakdong Embankment Cherry Blossom Path.

This year's festival will be renamed from the existing Samrak Cherry Blossom Festival and will be held under the slogan, "Newly Spring, Excitingly Spring.

The opening ceremony will be held at 5 p.m. on April 29 at the cherry blossom path sculpture on the Nakdong Embankment. Afterward, a cherry blossom concert will be held on the permanent stage of Renecité.

On the 30th and 31st, when the festival is in full swing, there will be a unique photo zone and various outdoor performances at the Nakdong Embankment Cherry Blossom Road.

There will also be a variety of cherry blossom-related activities, such as cherry blossom face painting, cherry blossom nail art, kidari balloons, and cherry blossom wish ribbon tying.

"As this is the first year of the festival, which has been renamed 'Nakdong River Garden Cherry Blossom Festival' to reflect the wishes of the residents for the designation of Samrak Ecological Park as a national garden, we are preparing for the festival so that people can enjoy various experiences with beautiful cherry blossoms," said Byung-gil Cho, mayor of Sasang-gu Office.
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