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This year's BIFF opening film, Wind Fragrance, Invited 243 films from 71 countries

Iranian director Hadi Mohammed's "Scent of Wind" was selected as the opening film of the 27th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), which will open on the 5th of next month.

As the closing film, the Japanese movie "A Man" (Director Kei Ishikawa) will be selected and screened.

The Busan International Film Festival held an online press conference on the afternoon of the 7th and announced the opening and closing films, as well as the number of invitations and events for this year's film festival.

There are 243 officially invited works from 71 countries this year.

Compared to 223 works in more than 70 countries last year, the number of works increased by 20.

By screening category, there are 102 World+International Premieres, 89 World Premieres, and 13 International Premieres.

Including 111 Community Beef screenings, the total number of screenings is 354.

This year's invited films will be screened on 30 screens in seven theaters, including the Cinema Center, CGV Centum City, Lotte Cinema Centum City, Sohyang Theater, Film Council Standard Preview, Lotte Cinema Daeyoung (Community Beef), and BNK Busan Bank Art Cinema (Community Beef).

The opening film "Scent of the Wind" is a film that confirms trust in people in a suspicious world of whether human goodwill still remains.

The closing film "One Man" is a film of Keiichiro Hirano's novel of the same name, which won the Yomiuri Prize in Literature in 2018.

Huh Moon-young, chairman of the executive committee, explained the background of the selection of the opening film, saying, "The film is very small and quiet, but it is so touching and resonating that it is not comparable to the size of the film."

The poster of the festival, "Again, facing" The person who looks at the sea symbolizes not only the audience but also all filmmakers, including guests and industrialists.

This year's film festival will be held normally in three years, away from being held online or due to seat restrictions due to COVID-19.

It complies with the current quarantine guidelines, but operates 100% of the seats without social distancing.

The Asian Film Fund and other suspended Asian film support programs will also be fully resumed.

A new perspective of the 21st century documentary, where you can meet fresh and unique documentaries that are out of the traditional framework, will be presented, and the 1952 film "Nakdong River," produced during the Korean War, will be digitally restored and unveiled for the first time at the festival.

Busan Story Market, which deals with content source stories, was launched for the first time this year and will be held at the existing event Asia Contents & Film Market.
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