Gamcheon Romantic Hanbok

Gamcheon Romantic Hanbok

Hello, Gamcheon Culture Village, a colorful street, has many popular photo spots, so it is easy to see young women walking in hanboks with cute Korean traditional clothes.There is a store near the entrance of Gamcheon Culture Village where you can rent Korean traditional clothes.

Gamcheon Romantic Hanbok Store has many types and quantities of traditional Korean clothes that can be rented the most widely among the stores, so you can freely wear them according to your taste.You can also rent accessories or hats to decorate your hair at no extra charge.

In addition, there is a space where you can take commemorative photos after changing into traditional clothes, a photo zone where you can view Gamcheon Culture Village, and a locker where you can store your belongings.The rental fee is 15,000 won to 12,000 won.

Address121, Okcheon-ro, Saha-gu, Busan
부산시 사하구 옥천로 121 
Business hours09:00-17:30

How to get there: It is near Gamcheon Culture Village village bus stop.

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