Busan Songdo Grilled clams

Busan Songdo Grilled clams

Hello, if you go down about 150 meters from Songdo Sky Park Station in Busan Songdo Marine Cable Car Amnam Park, you will find a large parking lot, and there are many grilled clams on the side.

Also, the main grilled clam uses only scallops, and it is really delicious to grill cheese on a large scallop with vegetables such as chopped onions and Cheongyang peppers.

However, this restaurant does not have an air conditioner, so it turns on a big fan, but it can be a little hot in midsummer, and there are many menus, so beef and scallops are grilled over briquettes, but other menus are cooked by the restaurant lady in the kitchen.

Grilled clams(small)조개구이(소)
60,000 won
Grilled clams(middle)조개구이(중)
70,000 won
Grilled clams(large)조개구이(대)
80,000 won
Grilled clams(Special-large)조개구이(특대)
90,000 won
Assorted Seafood(small)해산물모둠(소)
haesanmul modum(small)
50,000 won
Assorted Seafood(middle)해산물모둠(중)
haesanmul modum(middle)
60,000 won
Assorted Seafood(large)해산물모둠(대)
haesanmul modum(large)
70,000 won
Name최진사댁 암남공원
address620-24 Amnam-dong, Seo-gu, Busan
부산시 서구 암남동 620-24
Businness hours11:00-24:00

How to get there
Busan Songdo Marine Cable Car Amnam Park Songdo Sky Park Station is located in a large parking lot about 150 meters down the beach.

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