Oryukdo Jinju Sashimi Restaurant

Oryukdo Jinju Sashimi Restaurant

Hello, this is a popular restaurant on the way to Oryukdo Skywalk in Busan, specializing in raw fish over rice. The entrance to this restaurant is a system that calls through Kakao Talk when you register your cell phone number on the machine on the first floor, so if you don’t have a Korean cell phone number, you have to get a number ticket directly from the restaurant staff on the first floor. The meal is on the second floor, but the second floor is wider than I thought and all of them are table seats.

Assorted Sashimi soup

Cold raw fish soup is properly poured into a large stainless steel bowl with vegetables, pears, garlic, sashimi, abalone, and sea cucumber. I eat this with rice, and it has abalone and sea cucumber in it, so it tastes great and tastes good.

Rice with Assorted Sashimi

Raw fish over rice is eaten with spicy and sweet red chili pepper paste instead of seasoned broth, but I recommend raw fish over rice if you can’t eat raw fish well.

Raw fish soup원조물회
13,000 Won
Rice with Assorted Sashimi 회덮밥
13,000 Won
Assorted Sashimi soup모듬물회
20,000 Won
Rice with Assorted Sashimi 모듬회덮밥
20,000 Won
Address39-8, Baegunpo-ro, Nam-gu, Busan
부산시 남구 백운포로 39-8
HolidayEvery Monday
business Hours11:00-21:30 (break time16:00-17:00)

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