Seo Jinseop Dwaeji-gukbap (Gukje Market)

Seo Jinseop Dwaeji-gukbap (Gukje Market)

Hello, this is Seo Jinseop Pork Gukbap in Busan’s Gukje Market. This restaurant used to be known as Shinchan Pork Gukbap in Gukje Market, but now it has changed its name to Seo Jinseop Pork Gukbap.

Seojinsup Pork Gukbap is located on the right side of the alley next to the building housing the Aventree Hotel and Wise Park in Gukje Market for about 4 minutes.

View and interior of the restaurant, with table seating only

Typical pork soup often has a clear broth, but this restaurant’s soup is clear, light, and flavorful. The soup also contains a seasoning called red tadegi, which is delicious when eaten with white rice.

You should also be careful when ordering pork soup here because if you don’t say pork only or sundae only, you may get pork soup with pork, intestines, and sundae.

Separate gukbap menu refers to soup and rice served separately.

Main MenuKorea
Boiled Pork Slices Set Menu수육백반
12,000 Won
Pork and Rice Soup 따로국밥
9,000 Won
Pork Intestines sundae and Rice Soup 썪어따로국밥
9,000 Won
Pork Intestines and Rice Soup 내장따로국밥
10,000 Won
Pork Slices(L)
Pork Slices(M)
Pork Slices(S)
수육 대
수육 (중)
수육 (소)
45,000 Won
35,000 Won
30,000 Won
Address부산시 중구 광복로39번길 30-1
30-1, Gwangbok-ro 39beon-gil, Jung-gu, Busan
Business Hours09:00-20:30
Holiday1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays of each month

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