Hamwolsan Girimsa Temple

Hamwolsan Girimsa Temple

Located on the eastern coast of Gyeongju, it is one of the 33 Gwaneum sacred sites in Korea built during the reign of Queen Seondeok, the 27th king of Silla.

Enjoy Seokguram Hermitage, which is registered as a World Heritage Site, along with Bulguksa Temple, where religion, art and technology are harmonized during the Unified Silla Period, and come down from the mountain toward the east coast for about 30 minutes, you will find Girimsa Temple.

The parking lot of Girimsa Temple, which arrived after coming down from Tohamsan Mountain for a long time, is wider and well maintained than expected. When you pay parking fees and admission Fees and enter the trail to Girimsa Temple, the sound of the wind and water blowing from the foot of Hamwolsan Mountain makes you feel comfortable.

Daejeokgwangjeon Hall of Girimsa Temple Designated as a Treasure

The most attractive thing about Girimsa Temple in Hamwolsan is the ‘Daejeokgwangjeon’, which forms the center of the temple. If you follow the sign saying that the main hall is on the other side of the Haewooso and pass the Cheonwangmun, you can meet the ‘Daejeokgwangjeon’ with a clean appearance.


함월산 기림사
Gyeongju Girimsa Temple Daejeokgwangjeon Treasure No. 833

Gyeongju Girimsa Temple Daejeokgwangjeon Treasure No. 833


Eungjinjeon Hall

The temple is divided into three parts: Eungjinjeon (Tangible Cultural Property No. 214) with a three-story stone pagoda on the right, and Yaksajeon on the left, centering on the temple of Daejeokgwangjeon, which enshrines the three generations of Nyorai. Daejeokgwangjeon is the main hall of Girimsa Temple. Built in the Joseon Dynasty, it is a wooden building with 5 rooms in the front and 3 rooms on the side.

In front of Daejeokgwangjeon (Treasure No. 833), a 500-year-old Bodhi tree rises high in the sky to the right. And on the left, the three-story stone pagoda (tangible cultural property No. 205) in front of Eungjinjeon boasts an old-fashioned appearance.

경주 기림사
Vairocana Three Buddha Seated Treasure No. 958

Vairocana Three Buddha Seated Treasure No. 958

The three Buddha statues are enshrined in the Buddhist sanctuary of Daejeokgwangjeon Hall, including Vairocana Buddha in the center, Nosana Buddha on the left, and Sakyamuni Buddha on the right. It is known to have been produced after the Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592, due to the similar location and expression of the Buddha Triad (Treasure No. 958) made of soil, and there is a museum along with Myeongbujeon, Samseonggak, Gwaneumjeon, and Sansingak.

경주 기림사
Antiquities Exhibition Hall

Antiquities Exhibition Hall

경주 기림사
Gunchil Bodhisattva Half-Sangsang Treasure No. 415

Girimsa Temple’s Geonsilbosal Half-Sangsang Treasure No. 

The Girimsa Museum is a place where various important relics are on display, including the relics of costumes from Vairocanabul in the Daejeokgwangjeon. Along with the Daejeokgwangjeon, there is a Bodhisattva statue as a proud relic that stops others.

The 91cm-height Guanyin Recorder Bodhisattva Vanga (Treasure No. 415) is enshrined in Girimsa Temple. Dry Chilbul is first made out of clay, then wrapped in burlap and then clay is applied over it. When it dries, it is said that the paper Buddha image is made by removing the clay contents and then adding lacquer to the Buddha image. Buddha statues made in this way are rare, but now the Buddha statue is coated with gold leaf, so the original dry fire atmosphere is no longer visible.

The sculptures are exquisite and the face and slightly chubby physique are exotic, so it seems to have been influenced by China. His left foot was raised above the pedestal and his right foot was lowered below the pedestal. He placed his right hand on his knee and pulled his left hand slightly to grab the pedestal. He wore a hat with an arabesque on his head, and the drooping hem of his robe was beautiful.

경주 기림사

Interesting story of Oh Jeong-soo When I admired the Daejeokgwangjeon and the Seated Geonchil Bodhisattva at Girimsa, I would say that I have seen all the important relics.

Admire the beauty of the bori tree branches and listen to the sound of the wind blowing through the bamboo thicket, and the interesting old story related to “Oh Jeongsu, famous for the five flavors of water,” handed down from Girimsa Temple comes to mind.

Next to the three-story stone pagoda in front of Daejeokgwangjeon, there is a story that ‘Janggunsu’ drinks this water and a grown man or general will come out. The Myeongansu outside the Cheonwangmun Gate makes the body taller and clearer the eyes, the Hwajeongsu in the backyard makes the mind more comfortable the more you drink it, and the nectar in Bukam is like dew under the sky.

However, in the era of the Japanese Empire, when there was a fear of the emergence of a general with great talent and character, the water supply of the general was blocked and the well was buried. It is said that the other wells are also gradually drying out and can no longer taste the water of the past.

The sound of water, the sound of the wind, and the sound of the landscape blend together to create a beautiful temple.

Yaksajeon Hall

Girimsa Temple is currently the minor temple of Bulguksa Temple, but it is said that until 8.15 independence, it was a large enough temple to use Bulguksa as the main temple. The name Girimsa is derived from the ‘Giwonjeongsa Forest’, where the Buddha stayed, and the ‘Giwonjeongsa Forest’, where his disciples stayed and increased the number of monks.

Girimsa Temple, with its clear sound of water, wind, and scenery, is a temple with many attractions, including Daejeokgwangjeon, Seated Geonchil Bodhisattva (Treasure No. The museum is worth seeing, which contains 71 historical records of 54 species, paintings depicting hell and the Great King Yeomra, Buddha’s relics, a shrine, and various books.

Basic information

Girimsa Temple

Address 419 Hoam-ri, Yangbuk-myeon, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
경상북도 경주시 양북면 호암리419
Telephone 054-744-2292  FAX 054-744-2269
Admission Fees largeperson3,000Won
Site http://www.kirimsa.net/

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