Tongyeong City

It faces Geoje Island to the east, Namhae-gun to the west, and the sea to the south, and many small and beautiful islands are distributed. Among them, Hansando Island is also a historic island where the master Yi Sun-shin defeated the Japanese Navy by spreading Hakikjin during the Imjin War.

From here to Yeosu-si, it is famous for Hallyeosudo in clear and clean waters. In addition, many tourists visit Maemuldo Island as it is a tourist course.

Mireuksan Mountain, located in the center of Mireukdo Island, has a panoramic view of the sea from the top, the sunrise is outstanding, you can go to the top by Keblka, and you can also enjoy a wonderful view from inside the Keblka. And in downtown Tongyeong, there is the first undersea tunnel in the East that can cross Mireukdo Island, although it is short, about 400m long.

Famous food is Chungmu Gimbap, and the sea is clean, so I recommend seafood if you come here.Oysters are especially famous.